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Business promotion is an essential part of running a successful company. A business owner will need to use various ways to promote their business, and gift card is one of the most effective forms of promoting your brand. 1.Gift Cards as a Loyalty Program One of the best marketing and promotion avenues for any business […]

Retail pop-up stores are a great way to increase physical presence for both online retailers and established brands. For online retailers, it can be seen as a test on how the process of physical stores work, and the investments they might be required in the near future. They are an excellent way to identify your […]

The National Retail Federation reported Mother’s Day is the third largest spending holiday in the United States. 84% of Americans celebrate this day every year. Last year a total of 23.1 billion dollars was spent on Mother’s Day. Many businesses can benefit from such a big holiday which can create more brand awareness and revenue. […]

Inspire responsibility and provide autonomy. At any organization with great vision, even the most junior employees carry a lot of responsibility. Hold people accountable to big expectations and give them the autonomy to make their own decisions (with minimal guidance). This creates an environment of resourcefulness that strongly supports creativity. 1. Ask Better Team Questions […]

It is no surprise that cash has now become a thing of the past. Restaurants and other types of companies must keep up with the times and technology to sustain their business. Many new methods of checking out have arrived, one, in particular, is pay at the table technology which has helped increase customer satisfaction, […]

Are you running a retail business and looking for ways to grow your sales in 2019? Retail business has been changing for many years and adopting new trends as well. Here are our top five tips to grow your retail business in 2019. 1.Brick and motor store or online? Researches show that shopping trends are […]

It might seem difficult to hire, but things do not have to seem like this. Are you looking for ways to hire seasonal workers this year? Well, we have some tips to make hiring as effective and smooth as possible this holiday season. Look for former seasonal employees So how was your seasonal employees’ pool […]

We all know this is the busiest shopping season of the year. Small business owners will need to plan and strategize how they can gobble up more sales and stand out from their competitors. Here are some marketing ideas to help plan for Thanksgiving and Black Friday: 1. Thank Your Loyal Customers It’s a perfect […]

Milk Bar is a dessert and lifestyle brand. Bon Appétit magazine named Milk Bar “one of the most exciting bakeries in America”. Founded by award-winning pastry chef and tv personality Christina Tosi, Milk Bar opened its doors for the first time in NYC’s East Village in 2008. They quickly became a cult sensation and part […]

With the financial market becoming more confident about the 2018 holiday season, they expect more customers to shop by at least 10 -15% compared to last year. More and more customers are using different devices to make purchases and continue to require an easy and secure checkout process while using their watch, phones, and computers. […]

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