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Thinking of starting your own business, there’s a lot that needs to be done, but you have to start with a business plan and a reliable credit card processing company. Let’s start with the business plan first! A business plan is an essential document that serves as the foundation of your business. A Compiling business […]

Any change in the wages law directly affects the business community not only the payroll of the worker increases, but a large sum automatically gets dedicated to this cause. With already tons of problems at hand, it becomes difficult for businesses to keep up with the increased wages, especially when all of this happens too […]

Milk Bar is a dessert and lifestyle brand. Bon Appétit magazine named Milk Bar “one of the most exciting bakeries in America”. Founded by award-winning pastry chef and tv personality Christina Tosi, Milk Bar opened its doors for the first time in NYC’s East Village in 2008. They quickly became a cult sensation and part […]

On the fourth Friday of November, prepare yourself for Black Friday. It is known to be one of the most jam-packed shopping days of the year. It is usually then followed by the day after Thanksgiving. Holiday seasons are typically when people spend the most; as a result, 30 percent of sales occur just between […]

Fair is the future of automobile ownership. “With no long-term contracts, Fair gives you the freedom to drive the car you want as long as you want and the flexibility to walk away at any time.” In a world where Air b&b and Uber continue to rise in popularity due to the sharing economy, Fair […]

Paul Allen founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, and together they created one of the greatest companies in American history. Paul Allen passed away on October 15th, 2018 battling cancer at the age of 65. Paul Allen is best described as a genius programmer who had a passion for sports co-owning several professional teams in the […]

Since her first appearance in 1942, Wonder Woman has been a comic book hero and role model. Generations of fans have been inspired by her determination and drive. Her pictures, TV shows and movies remind us to never give up on our dreams. Her singular focus, resilience and skills would have served her well in […]

There’s no better time than now to promote your business, and you don’t even need a marketing budget or engineering degree to get started. Today’s ample resources on the internet are simple, automated and free. Here are five ways to use these platforms to build your brand:   1. Create a website: You have only […]

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